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Video production services

HD switching, routing and transmission for multi-input/output at live events. Fully digital integration of video, graphics and playback… all scalable to SD formats. One screen, 8 screens or more all fully addressable through our digital matrix switchers… If you can imagine it, we can deliver it!

Our years of experience working in a range of large-venue production facilities; means we bring a formidable array of equipment and expertise to your event.

Innovation Two has been providing communications solutions for scores of Clients and hundreds of artists and Production Companies for over 50 years.

You will appreciate our approach and philosophy - which embraces the concept that nothing is ever "good enough" - our commitment is to innovate the best possible communications solution, on time, on budget and with measurable, effective results.

Visual communication has changed over  40 years and we've changed with it.  We always provide leading edge solutions that meet your most complex needs.

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