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This is  a partial listing of the gear we use in production... and all of it is available to make your event flow seamlessly.  

We have carefully selected equipment and components from brand name and reliable suppliers so we meet your communications objectives consistently.  

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Innovation Two uses and promotes Christie Digital projectors, and we have sizes ranging from 5K to the DLP 14K projectors mounted in stackable cages

All are shipped in custom designed ECM wheeled road cases designed for portability as well as protection

We have a range of camera options from DSLR to broadcast HD cameras with Canon 40x lens and studio kit.

We also have a series of Go-Pro and higher quality Ghost Black mountable cameras, dedicated time lapse HD units and handicam low light / stabilized shooting platforms

Canon HJ40x10IASD-V.  40x with dynamic image stablization  for an HD 2/3 sensor

Where cables and cable pages are not an option, Innovation Two uses HD wireless transmission systems which have zero compression, zero latency and extremely fast stream rates.

These units have excellent range, and at marginal distances we can deploy high gain antennas at the receiver.

Innovation Two has a range of tripods including Schatler Video 25, Manfrotto, dolly bases, and 14 ft industrial tripods.

We also have an innovative range of mounting options for POV cameras that adapt to truss, scaffolding, set pieces and building structural elements.

Digital recording in full HD is a major factor for production, and on-demand webcasting.

Innovation Two can record in camera with our P2, DSLR, POV and Handicam unis, but for switched outputs and post-production editing we use the AJA KiPro recording system.  We have 4 decks, 10 drives and a USB-3 / Thunderbolt II docking station for copying content post show.

Innovation Two has a series of highly portable and adaptive video switchers including Panasonic systems, Diventix matrix switchers, the highly flexible A-Tem system and an array of scan converters and scalers that can integrate the wide range of video sources that present themselves in a staging environment.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your requirements and assemble one of our custom rack solutions to meet the needs.  

If you have looked at our sample videos, you will appreciate that Innovation Two has established itself as an excellent source for managing the aquisition of aerial and in-motion shooting.

Pictured here are just some of the options our partners birng to the table for aerial or in-vehicle shooting from a stabilized platform.

The company has developed cost effective solutions for video acquisition from commercial multi engine plaftorms, and even vans and golf carts.

With our asssociates, We have been at the forefront of the drone / video evolution,

All shooting is done by licensed contractors and completed pursuant to approved Transport Canada special Flight Operating Certification.

Video is a highly integrated environment, and it seems that every innovation introduces a new format or stream specification.  What was Composite or VGA is now HDMI, DVI, SDI - each with its own subset.

We understand how to make these formats communicate with each other, and how to project or stream a single source from a myriad array of inputs and sources.

We have the tools, we have the knowledge, and a range of experience based techniques to get the job done and looking great.

Communication is our business, and an important factor is reliable communication around and between all the technicians and operators on a staging site or multi camera shoot.  We have a combination of ClearCom and HMI comm systems that are reliable and dependable

The "other half" of AV is clearly the audio portion.  We have our roots in Audio systems, and we have a core system of components to make sure the audience gets the message, whether spoken word or full on music.  

For corporate and smaller events we keep it in house, and if the need is for thousands of people in an arena of even outdoors, we have a range of parthers who rise to the occasion.

Part of our work is projecting or recording the best possible image, and the tools we use to assess the quality are extremely important.

We use an array of camera mounted, rack mounted and stand based monitors from 7 inch to 55 inch to meet every possible need.

Distribution of the video / audio feeds is the final link to the potential audience.  We have a variety of wireless, ethernet and transmission based systems to get your signal to its final destination

Sometimes that is another room or building distributed by IP routers, and sometimes it's across the field in the VIP tent.  We have a lot of customizable options, and the skill to bring you a solution.

Confidence monitors to support presenters as they speak are very important to maintain focus and avoid     distractions,  Innovation Two has various mounting options and an array of 22, 27 and larger options available to meet all needs.

We also have specialized 4K and 5K monitors available when thrre is a need.

For Video Production Gear

AJA KiPro ULTRA Plus video recorder.   Record either 4K video in many formats, or alternativly record 4 channels of 1080 HD Video in many formats.

This unit is IP Controlable and features IP based confidence monitoring.

Also makes a great video server / playback unit.  Ships with Two 2T SSD PAK Drives and USB-3 / Thunderbolt docking station.

Video directors, switchers or VTR operators need a good sense of what is going "to tape" (Yes the term is still used though an actual tape has not been seen in years)

This device allows use of just one monitor to display 4 SDI Signals on the one screen.  Options for seperate VU meters, simultaneous mixed input types, and either SDI or HDMI output