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                        Partial Gear List

                                                                                                 July 2017


Christie Digital Roadster 14K                            


DLP HD14K-M  Projectors

Pre-mounted in cages

Shipped in custom ECM cases


2 Available, with lenses


Rate: $1,250  



Boxx Meridian HD Wireless                                                                    


CW Antennas, stand

Available remote antennas

Camera not included, uses AB batteries below


Full HD, zero frame delay, zero compression


Rate  $600




Battery Pack / Charger                                                                            


Each kit comes with charger and  2 or 3 batteries with selected

capacities / sizes


Charger accommodates 2 batteries, sequence charge,

auto switch,  Anton Bauer format, V-adapters available


Kit ships in pelican case


Rate  $150 



AJA KiPro HD Recorders                                                                                    


HD-SDI In – audio embedded or XLR Four units available –

each with 2 or 3 high speed collection drives, 250M to 1TB sizes.


Recording in most formats - four units available, each kit in a in Pelican case


Rate  $225






Canon HD 40X Lens                                                                                             


HD Lens 40 times zoom with servo image-stabilization.  Requires

high capacity tripod, studio kit and qualified operator



Rate  $450




Sachtler Video 25 Tripod                                                                                    


Video 25 tripod for large cameras and/or long lenses.  Ships in large

pelican with arms, and ground spreader






Rate  $125





Panasonic Cameras                                                                                             


Range of Panasonic P2 cameras with or without studio kits


HPX 500, 370 and 300 versions, with or without P2 Cards /

Card reader and with or without Panasonic paint boxes / cables 


Each ships in a Pelican


Rate starting at $250 




Manfrotto 504 Tripod                                                                                            


Ideal for lighter cameras and with our Panasonic Cameras with

standard lenses


Two available, ship in Manfrotto tripod bags, complete with two

arms and spreader. 


Optional wheel kits for each


Rate starting at $75




Manfrotto wheel kit                                                                                   


Wheel kit for Manfrotto 504 tripods


2 Available


Rate $25 




Sony BRC-H700 Robotic Camera,                                                                   


Full PTZ With HD card – HD-SDI Compatible.  Optionally available with

crank-up tripod that can elevate the camera to about 14 feet.

(needs to be bagged or tethered)



Ships in a pelican with or without controller


Rate starting at $300



Panasonic Switcher AG-HMX-100                                                        


MX -100 switcher – 10 bit processing – 4 HD or SD inputs,

HDMI / DVI inputs  – 2 scalable Outputs 3D Compatible.


Ships in a custom ECM case



Rate $275



Panasonic Switcher AG-MX-70                                                             


MX -70 SD switcher – 8 SD inputs 2 Bus high performance with

digital video effects


Ships in a custom ECM case






Rate $200





Switcher – BlackMagic TV Studio

HD A-Tem Switcher with 4 SDI and 4 HDMI

Integral Multi View still frame storage

Great for Skype content


Rate 175


Aerial Exposures Gyro                                                                            


Stabilized camera platform & power supplies suitable for aircraft,

helicopter, car, truck, boat, golf cart


Supports up to 10 lb camera, eliminated bumps, and vibration 





Rate 400



Drones for Live and Aerial Video / Stills                                                                                                                                              


Innovation Two has three aerial photography platforms and the

experience to obtain all required paperwork for flight operation



Stabilized camera platform can be hand flown or fly programmed

Routes.  Stable images, ultimate flexibility



Rate starting at $350 with staffing




BlackMagic H,364 HD Recorder                                                            


Recording interface to capture, encode and record SDI signals

Directly to a computer


Supports both SD and HD SDI with embedded audio. Flexible

formats, rates


Also available –

Ultra Studio Mini Recorder


Requires Media Express software on the computer 


Rate  $70




AJA / Black Magic converters                                                    


We have many adapters and converters to and from SDI


 Various types


            HD-SDI  <-> HDMI

            HD-SDI  <-> DVI

            HD-SDI  <-> Fibre

            HD-SDI     -  5 Port DA’s

            HD-SDI  <-> Audio embed / dis-embed

            HDCP eliminators – (5 available)

            Many others – just ask


Rate starts at $60





Clear-Com Systems                                                                                 


Wired and wireless base stations, belt packs and headsets. 

Wireless is the HME base and packs for the highest possible

quality crew communications


Headsets are all CC95 units



Rate starting at $25

Combo Systems from $400




Audio Systems                                                                                          


Innovation Two has an array of small audio systems with 4, 8 &14

channel analogue mixers. 


These are available in a purpose built 1/3 rack that includes

EQ, Delay, Sennheiser wireless receivers and an 8 channel DA

(Second DA also available in a sleeve)


Also available a number of powered speakers including

15 inch EON’s,

Yamaha Ms-60’s   and

Yamaha MS-10’s   Stands available as required


Rate starting at $25

Full rack $150




Sennheiser Wireless Microphones                                                                  


Array of Sennheiser Wireless microphones including Hand-Held,

Lavaliere & Over-ear headset style.


We have in-rack receiver combos as well as ENG

receivers for camera work


Full kit in a drawer/sleeve contains 6 channels of

Lav and 2 hand-held


Mics starting at $25

Transmit / Receive chains from $100



Christie Digital Projector – 5K                                                               


When the bigger frame sizes are too large and a board-room

projector won’t cut it – this 5K projector is just what you need


Ships in a purpose built ECM case with wheels and an accessory

lid for cables, remotes etc



Rate $ 100



Monitors – Studio and Field 



Accuracy for iMag and recording depends on the quality of the

reference monitors available to the production engineer.


Innovation Two has a range of high quality monitors including

21 inch, 9 and 7 inch for camera, technical producer positions.

Smaller monitors can be camera or battery powered


We also have arrays of dual and triple rack mount monitors


Rate from $ 90




Monitors – Confidence and repeaters                                                             

       From 7 inch to 42 Inches      


Where calibrated studio monitors are not required we can supply any

number of Samsung 22 to 27 inch monitors as a Confidence monitor,

multi-view repeaters for directors, lighting or backstage  


Each has a stand and is shipped in a Pelican case. For maximum flexibility,

these monitors have TV, AV, Video, HDMI, DVI, VGA and digital audio



Couple these with Cat 5 extenders or SDI adapters for complete flexibility. 




Rate from $ 40



Video Transmission over Ethernet or WiFi


These units transmit HD Video formats over IP wiring or 

Via WiFi connection.  We have 4 kits totaling 14 Receivers

and 4 transmitters. IP can be tunnel routed through existing

routers and switches, wired directly with cat 5 cable,

or where WiFi signals are available and within range, without any



HDMI in and out



Rate from $ 150 / chain






Custom Digital Video Broadcast



Custom built digital video transmitter with encoder base, linear amplifier and

tuned antenna,


Uses DVBT Receivers, one for each set.  Usable distance varies and

depends on antenna placement, line of sight and local RF noise 

Typical is  1,200 Meters (3,600 ft) 


Shipped in a 19” x 24 cube rack with scan converter, power supply antenna

separate, and any number of set receivers. Receivers connect with

HDMI cables 


Requires some RF knowledge to properly configure and position



Rate from $900