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Commercial - City of Mississauga corporate development.  

Purpose - to attract business development based on potential  executive lifestyle opportuntties.

We produced a feature video and four commercials.

Aerostar - Full Potential  

Purpose - Primarily web based video to document an aircraft manufacturer's upgrade installing P&W jet engines on an existing piston twin aircraft type.

PLASP - Volunteer Recognition  

Purpose - Used during a recognition event and web based distribution to promote volunteer recognition.

Organic Soil Enhancement  

Purpose - To promote an organic approach to soil enhancement stimulating plant/tree health.  

Offers an alternative to chemical fertilizers.

Celtic Thunder  

Innovation Two has directed, shot, edited and produced scores of performance hits for Celtic Thunder, including DVD/Blue Ray releases, TV broadcast material and promotional pieces like this one.


Innovation Two has produced hundreds of custom videos and productions.  Many are protected by copyright, and others are proprietary and protected by disclosure agreements.  But here are a few that we can share.  We have picked some musical productions, others that feature aerials, some that rely on animations, some have scripts while others tell their story visually.  At the bottom there is access to over 50 additional clips playable from a cloud-drive.  

Celtic Thunder X

Purpose - Produce a double DVD, including promotional videos and PBS broadcast material, all  commemorating Celtic Thunder's tenth anniversary.  

Source material was Edited by I2 from 24 camera angles shot in Dublin Ireland.  

This  You Tube promo was edited and  posted by our client.

Tree Removal  

Purpose - To illustrate use of expertise and a significant investment in heavy equipment in the safe removal of a large tree overhanging a structure.

Shot with time lapse, hand held and POV cameras.

Video Production Samples

More Video Samples


50 additional video samples  

Innovation Two makes royalty free video clips available for use by other producers.  Some of these are available on this shared drive that works with most browser based video players.

Contact us for details