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Some clients are small local organizations, some are large multi-national corporations.  Sometimes we travel to the the far reaches in Canada, the US, Caribbean and even Europe to help them succeed.

Sometimes we configure and ship our gear, and at other times we rely on carefully selected local suppliers, like this TVM mobile in Dublin.

But always.... always, we work to the same high standards.


Once the shooting is done - we assemble all the video and audio components, work out details with the graphic artists, and use one of our multi angle editing systems to produce the final results.  From a single camera to 24 or more - we can produce a product that meets your objectives.



We work with you from the start.  It begins wzith tough questions about your audience, your final distribution formats, your communications objectives and corporate values and culture.  

The answer is that the objectives must drive the decision process every step of the way.  We have talented experts in computer animation, and a broad pool of expertise in design, writing, audio and video.


Innovation Two will often incorporate aerial perspectives in its video productions. We bought our first aircraft in 1998 and all principals have verious levels of pilot licenses.

While we do operate two drones, we also have partners in aviation with access to stabilized HD cameras mounted on single and twin jet helicopters.

On some occasions we have called on efficient use of our corporate aircraft to facilitate movement of staff and gear to remote locations.